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Marathon Electric Motors

Continuous Improvement Process With Marathon Electric Motors

The single-phase and three-phase AC motors, NEMA and IEC motors, low- and medium-voltage motors, PMDC motors, and radial and axial flux motors are just a few of the thousands of products and services that fall under the Marathon® brand. For the most demanding industries in the world, Marathon offers integrated motor/control solutions and electric motors with IE4 and higher efficiencies. NEMA and IEC motors are utilized worldwide in commercial and industrial settings. Their voltages range from 120VAC to 13.8kV, and their horsepower ranges from 1/4 to over 5000. Starting with the initial planning stages of your motor, Marathon electric motors are backed by more than 100 years of manufacturing experience, cutting-edge engineering and production, and comprehensive service. Marathon Electric motors are the best option for everything from pumps, high-speed extruders, variable speed motors used in commercial settings, and “Mission Critical” motors used in Arctic ice breakers.

Weg Motor - Variable Speed For HVAC Applications

Optimal HVAC has been leading the industry by providing its customers with the best quality products, especially when discussing Weg motors. Weg motors offer a sleep mode that optimizes motor usage and avoids very low speeds, protection against short cycles, and the capability to monitor PTC thermal sensors.

Weg Electric Motors

Various features of Weg electric motors include the ability to identify load problems like dry pumps and broken belts. They offer different industrial products, including low and high-voltage electric motors. A ventilation kit that is simple to maintain and replace is part of the modular design. Additionally, a filter maintenance alarm alerts the user when it is time to clean or replace the air filter. One of the accessories is a flash memory that lets users save up to two different drive settings and makes the data portable, so it can be easily copied to multiple devices.