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Condenser Coil Cleaning

HVAC Energy Efficiency With Condenser Coil Cleaning

Dirty HVAC coils waste energy and cost money over time because they collect airborne contaminants and become messy and less efficient. Heat exchangers can use up to 47% more energy when they have a dirty coil because it can’t transfer heat correctly. A unit that is not cleaned uses about twice as much electricity as one with clean condenser coils when running. Up to 40% of the cooling capacity can be lost, and moisture around the evaporator coil and condensate pan can become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. This is where OptimalHVAC steps in and brings the best condenser coil cleaning services to let your appliances work accurately.

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Optimizing HVAC Systems Through Condenser Coil Cleaning Makes Financial Sense

OptimalHVAC safely removes biofilm, mold, and bacteria from coils and surfaces, restoring units to “as new” efficiency. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and HACCP certified. We disinfect and clean all air-cooled equipment, including chillers, fan coil units, evaporators, exhaust fans, cold storage facilities, cool rooms, wall split systems, split ducted air conditioning, and condenser examples of fan coil units.

Our products will not damage the coil surface compared to highly acidic or caustic cleaners. They are environmentally friendly, fully biodegradable, and have a pH equivalent to potable water. Our HVAC cleaning includes:
  • Reduced energy consumption.

  • Lower operating costs.

  • Improved indoor air quality.

  • Healthier buildings.

  • Better temperature control.

  • Improved occupant comfort.